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Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
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2015 – current    VentaMía, Inc. – Prescott Valley, AZ, USA


VentaMía seeks to revolutionize how small and medium businesses work.

2014 – 2015    Major League Fantasy, Inc. – Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Chief Technical Officer

MLF is a fantasy sports gaming network offering daily and weekly contests on all major US sports. Users compete for real cash against other players. I joined MLF as its CTO before it went live with the product. These are my major accomplishments:

  • Took ownership of all technological efforts of the company.
  • Implemented a release, versioning, and branching process to stabilize the codebase for go-live while continuing development.
  • Moved system development method from waterfall to agile methods.
  • Implemented and acquired tools to facilitate new development and release process.
  • Transitioned the engineering infrastructure and team from pure development to post-launch.
  • Designed an ultra-scalable system architecture to accommodate and increase to 1M+ concurrent users.
  • Creating roadmaps for both future technical personnel needs and future feature implementations.
  • Hired a top-tier engineering team to meet our goals. Held regular tech talks to teach the team as necessary.

In short, I was hired to bring technical ownership in-house and to take our technology to the next level in multiple fronts: System stability, feature set, release predictability, system scalability, and strategic roadmap planning. As the company grows, we have accomplished those goals and built a rock-solid team to get us there.


Founder, President, Principal Consultant

Founded consulting company catering to USA clients, managing all aspects of software development lifecycle, from requirements gathering to post-production support.

  • Worked in projects ranging from telecommunications to financial databases to firmware.
  • Used technologies: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Oracle 10 R2, Microsoft SQL Server, Borland Delphi, MySQL, PHP, and C/C++.
  • Major projects completed from beginning to post-delivery maintenance:
    • System to accept residential mortgage application data (Form 1003), store it in a database, and process it, including matching applicants to available loan programs.
    • Check cashing chain (80 locations) distributed point of sale system. System had ability to function connected under normal circumstances, but had fault tolerance and could function disconnected and would re-synchronize after connection was re-established. This system was very high volume and very versatile, satisfying the needs of this check cashign store chain.
    • Card room management system. This system we built for a California card room. The system controlled all the tournaments and had other card-room-specific functionality built in.

2013 – 2014      CPXi – NEW YORK, NY USA

Senior Director of Technology

Technical leader of the new newly-created Consumer Applications Division for this $111M/year revenue NYC advertising company ( CPXi is Forbes’ 2014 #42 most promising company in the USA ( I inherited the company’s first direct to consumer product and owned the entire technical development side of a new consumer product, SideMOJO, from inception and initial architecture design all the way to delivery. Some highlights:

  • Optimized ad placement, distribution, and redesigned infrastructure quality of service on the legacy product to get the product to:
    • $1M+ revenue per month, $330K profit per month
    • 15M+ unique users per month
    • 35B+ ad impressions per month
  • SideMojo –This new product represents CPXi’s venture away from ad middleman into the direct to consumer space. I owned and led the software development team (seven other engineers, plus three quality assurance people) that brought this product from conception to 1.0 release on a very compressed deadline. Architected and implemented infrastructure make up of:
    • PHP as the server side language, with Laravel as the server side framework
    • Ansible for server configuration management
    • Amazon AWS for server hosting
    • Scalable architecture with clearly-defined server roles and ability to ramp up volume very quickly
    • Separate API logical layer and codebase for future expansion (mobile clients, API access for third parties, etc)


Senior Software Engineer

Worked in the Zynga Poker product in the BlackOps team, responsible for operations and security. This means I do a lot of back-end large-scale stuff. I have never written user-facing features while at Zynga, only employee-facing features. Although my team is responsible for operations, I have always been a part of the security-side of things, programming systems to ensure fair play and catch cheaters/hackers.

The security systems I wrote focus on behavior detection and analysis.

What have I done? A ton! Here are some major projects I’ve participated in:

  • Player Hand Tracking – This is a monster of a system. We record all player actions of every single hand played (that’s 50M to 60M hands per day!) in a big database. We calculate over 400 poker stats (VPIP, PFR, AGFeq, a ton of equity values, etc) per hand played as well. We record all of this in two databases:
    • Sharded MySQL databases: 60 shards, all replicated master/slave, that means we have 120 MySQL hosts for this system. We’re pushing the limits for MySQL with this. We use MySQL for user-facing features that need access to summarized stats. We have only 1 month of detail on these hosts, which satisfies our needs so far.
    • 40 node Vertica cluster: Big data baby! This is our huge data repository for stats detail. We have a full year’s worth of detail data on this cluster (21 billion played hands, our largest table has 142 billion records). We use this cluster for all sorts of data mining and modeling of player behavior.

This system is the foundation of other security systems that consume this data for behavioral analysis.

I was a key part of the development team for this system (I wrote several major specs and parts of the system) and after launch I stayed on as the sole maintainer of the system.

I’m really proud of this system. It is a kick-ass data analysis system that most definitely has no equal in the world. No one else in the poker world has anywhere near the volume this system handles. It has analyzed many billions of poker hands.

  • The Beast – This project with a funny name is a near real-time data analysis system that catches game play behavioral patterns and takes automated enforcement action against violators.

This system has a configurable (by non-programmers) pattern detection and enforcement configuration mechanism that allows non-programmers to experiment, measure, and enable enforcement for suspect behavior.

I’m also really proud of this system. The fact that it analyzes so many hands with tight timing tolerances is a really great achievement.

I also like this system because I designed it from the ground up, and it uses the data stored in Player Hand Tracking for its mission.

  • Viper – This is the last major project I worked on. This is a real-time anomaly detection system that even bypasses PHT because of tight timing constraints. Viper’s mission is to catch anomalous behavior *before* a hand ends, and therefore prevent fraudulent chip transfers from taking place.
  • DEVOPS!!!! – As part of the team called *BlackOps*, I have learned a ton of operations tips and tricks. I write systems that configure other systems. I help a relatively small team at Zynga Poker manage a great many servers through scripts, systems such as Puppet, and many command line utilities. This type of work is pretty awesome except when the game is down at 3am and you get the phone call. So being proactive is a huge part of not getting that 3am call.
  • Other Stuff – Poker is a large game, and so in my two years here I poked around and worked with a lot of code. There is Javascript in the SmartFox servers, Java in the new generation of SmartFox code, PHP for all sorts of backend systems, experimental PHP compilation with HipHop, and many more things.

I Left Zynga because I started to feel caged in and not working up to my capbility. I am a very good coder and systems designer, but there was more I could do and unfortunately Zynga Poker was not the place for it in the end. I left Zynga on very amicable terms and my time there will forever be a highlight of my career.

For Zynga, I worked on-location for about 1.5 years, the rest of the time I worked remotely from my home in Arizona.

2012 – 2013          THE PARENT TREE, LLC. – ORANGE, CA USA

Co-Founder, CTO

The Parent Tree aimed to be the one-stop resource for parents seeking comprehensive, reliable, easily searchable and trustworthy reviews on local parent/baby/kid-friendly businesses, services and activities. Architected the system for inception. Built a tech team for implementation. We could not make the company financially viable, but our system was completely built and launched to production.

2009 – 2011          MARKETZERO, INC. – AUSTIN, TX, USA

Systems Developer / Project Leader

Charged with developing an online poker real-money game play stats compiler and database for commercial sale from the ground up. Became a Zynga employee when MarketZero was acquired by Zynga.

  • Databases used are MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Learned all aspects of poker play, including all statistical methods currently used, and devised new metrics to measure different aspects of play.



Coordinated systems development and operations efforts for the development of several projects, most notably the Hip Chicas virtual world aimed at tween girls. Worked with the CEO to coordinate and provide clear direction in development efforts for art and engineering.


Director of Software Development

Took over management responsibility for general technical leadership, new systems development, operations, and system maintenance enterprise-wide.

  • Led development and system switch-over effort of a multi-national (USA, Spain, France, Mexico, plus 20 other countries), multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese) money transfers application installed at five international main locations and over 1500 agent locations world-wide.  Responsible for hiring, firing, system and database design, and day-to-day management of all project tasks.  During the project, had 10 direct reports.
  • Led the development and design of a next-generation Money Order database.
  • Prioritized system-development efforts to better focus limited resources.
  • Introduced the Internet Application Server concept into the organization.  Begun test drive of the Application Server technologies. Technologies: Tomcat (JSP Server), IIS ASP, Oracle 9i, Java.
  • Led the development of several smaller projects pertaining to database access, database administration, telecommunications, dial-up communications, and general programming.  All of these projects were for in-house use. Technologies: Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6, Oracle 9i, MS Access, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic 6, C#, Java, VB.NET.
  • Reorganized the help desk department’s functionality and processes.
  • Recognized the need for improvement in the system development section and responded by changing working conditions to better suit developers and increasing the size of the staff, including adding much more experienced project leaders.
  • Master-planned a wide-area network involving IPX/SPX and TCP/IP protocols with computers and servers running Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare 3.12, 4.10, 5.0, and 5.1, and Linux.

Systems Engineer

Performed duties as a project manager, responsible for all phases of software development, from determining requirements to system development, writing manuals, and maintaining finished systems.  Also involved with developer teams on larger projects.  Worked with upper-level management to optimize current and new business processes.  Solely responsible for information technology matters of foreign branch offices in Madrid, Spain and Mexico City, Mexico.

  • Initiated and headed the effort to create a new generation of database systems based in Oracle 8, unifying information at a central, accessible point.  This allowed the corporation to store previously-discarded historical information, standardized software development techniques, lowered developer training and system maintenance costs, and prepared the corporation to use newer data warehousing and information discovery technologies.  Under this leadership, the entire corporation switched to this new technology. Technologies: Oracle 8, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Contacted, evaluated, and hired consulting firms for maintenance contracts of information technology in foreign offices.  Managed all information technology planning, purchasing, and installation issues for these foreign offices.
  • Headed a migration effort from Unisys and IBM System/36 machines to a custom PC LAN-based solution, saving the corporation $60,000 per year in support costs. Technologies: CA-Clipper 5.2, Novell Netware 4.1.
  • Designed and developed several XBase and Client/Server database systems.

1998 – Current      HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL SVMP ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                                                                

Co-Founder, Board of Directors Member (Remote, Volunteer Position)

Current president of the organization, hands-on leadership position.

  • Created and maintained a database-driven web site for the organization. Technologies: VBA/VBScript, ASP, Oracle 8.
  • Hosted all club sites and servers on own hardware and hosts all the related servers on site (Linux firewall, email, and DNS server; Microsoft web server (IIS).
  • Created and maintained Internet sites for special events, discussion lists, e-mail lists, and automated correspondence to Harvard Business School.

1991 – 1995          FIESTA XCHANGE, INC. – SANTA ANA, CA, USA

MIS Director

Served as MIS Director for this startup financial company.  Developed all systems and interfaces necessary for company function.

  • Designed and developed system to streamline financial reporting between headquarters, local and foreign offices, and local and foreign banks. Technologies: Clipper 5.2, Novell Netware 3.1.
  • Installed and maintained all hardware and software, including local and wide area networking hardware and software.



Specialization in Organizational Information Systems · Two research projects in the area of Computers and Society  · Graduate studies in Database Design and in Computer Law · University of California Summer Session at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, England (Studies in World Economics) · Golden Key National Honor Society member · Repeat Dean’s List Award recipient · Passport to Leadership Program certificate recipient · Member of the Domestic Violence Awareness Day Organizing Committee · Member of the Pan-American Latino Society · Overall Grade-Point Average: 3.38 · Grade-Point Average in Major: 3.56


Summer Venture in Management Program (SVMP).

1991-1994            ORANGE COAST COLLEGE

Awarded Associate of Arts in Computer Science · Cofounder of the Latino Club · Member of the MEChA club


Fluent in Spanish.  Interests include the study of leadership, specially its development, the study of organizational function, new applications of computing technology, medicine, travel, world economics and politics, photography, societal issues, and long-distance running.  US Citizen, able to freely travel and work in the USA.