Note: This an extremely useful suggestion taken from Tim Ferris’ book, Tools of Titans. I highly recommend everyone read Tim’s book.

Feeling overwhelmed sucks. You feel bombarded from every direction, and all you want to do is run away from it all. We’ve all been there.

Tim Ferris suggests asking yourself these two questions when you’re overwhelmed:

  1. In the midst of overwhelm, is life not showing you exactly what you should subtract?
  2. Are you having a breakdown or a breakthrough?

As Marcus Aurelius and Ryan Holiday would say: “The obstacle is the way”, in other words, the obstacle itself gives you an insight to the solution. You just have to look.

Thank you Tim, for giving me the answer :-).

I highly recommend you read this book. The excerpt above is from the chapter titled: How to Say “No” When it Matters Most.