If you have a Raspberry Pi and you have installed one of the linux distros on your memory card and booted up to a blank screen, then this may be your problem. For what it’s worth, I have connected my RPi to a monitor via a HDMI to VDI converter cable.

When I booted up my system, i could not get any video display. My monitor would sometimes say “Incompatible input,” sometimes wake up but not display anything, and sometimes not even detect any input.

The solution turned out to change a setting in a video configuration file in the /boot partition. You can change/edit this file in the boot partition before you boot your RPi because the boot partition is a FAT partition that you can edit right after you restore the Linux image on your Windows machine.  Anyway, the file should be named config.txt (currently on the Debian distro the file is absent, and on the Arch Linux it is there with some default values).

The contents of the file should be:


Further reference of all possible settings at http://elinux.org/RPi_config.txt